Saturday, September 17, 2011

moo goo deodorant

Several weeks into Moo Goo use, and I'm very happy.

It's not absolutely completely 100% smell killing if you go looking to check right up close, but it's good enough for me. I am very happy!

Only downside is the price, €7.85 or something like that, expensive as compared to standard deodorants. But, half the price of the fancy ones and vastly more effective.

So, a good result, and glad I found it!


Ms. Moon said...

Do you think it would work on a very sweaty woman in Florida?

Jo said...

Well - the thing is, it's not an anti perspirant, so you'll still sweat. It's just a very good odour neutraliser.

I'm working in a building with many flights of stairs, they've turned the heat on for the people from warmer climes already, and I'm standing in front of groups of people teaching for four hours. With stair climbing in between.

I put it on in the morning and I leave work odour free - so, not 100% sure about Florida, but it definitely lives up to its claims.