Sunday, September 18, 2011


I was a fan of the nightie as a kid.

I was searching for one for Olivia, and came across this monstrosity:

This is not her, I don't think, flame retardant polyester and all.

I would have ADORED this creation as a little girl though. It reminded me of the undoubtedly hideous short sleeved pale green nylon nightie I had, with nylon lace around its round neck and little sleeves. I thought it was boudoir-glamorous, silky silk sophistication and gorgeousness and certainly cast myself in many romantic roles while wearing it. I google-imaged it but it seems no such garment is in existence any more.

Sadly, my strongest association with that particular item is the memory of my little brother coming up behind me while I was wearing it and randomly peeing all down my back.

I'm really grateful the experience left me unmarked and without any urge to recreate the surprising and alarming sensation as an adult - neither the wee or the nylon nightie :) 


Ms. Moon said...

Why are boys so weird?

Craig Sorensen said...

Oh, geez. Nice brother.

I'll cop to the fact that boys (and the men they become) can be a bit weird, but I've managed to reach 51 without peeing on anyone. So far, so good.

Trees, I've peed on. People, never.

Jo said...

He had a phase, Craig. To the best of my knowledge, he grew out of it :)

Compulsive Cook said...

But then girls go through a phase of thinking nylon nighties are slinky and gorgeous. I've just had a horrendous flashback to a pink (pink!?!) number in which I fancied myself rotten.

Jo said...

You think the adoring of pink nylon is comparable to peeing on people!? Ha, funny :)