Monday, September 5, 2011


More work has come my way, to keep the wolf from the door. And now I'm instantly overwhelmed! Breathe... breathe...

It's good though. Only my nemesis more language teaching, but beggars can't be choosers.

I'm also thinking I'll try the amazing to set up a cupcake stall/service thing next spring. But I'll think about that in a while.

So - before I speed out, a story:

Yesterday  I was sitting in a city centre hotel lobby, chatting to a friend. It was raining, or just starting to clear. We were just waiting for my parking to run out before topping it up and moving on, no coffee or anything in front of us - my friend suddenly glanced past me in faint warning, and there approaching from my left was a black clad homeless/junkie type person. He came up and started a wheedling spiel about needing money to buy a sleeping bag, he was homeless, he was on his way down to the camping supply shop now, if we could just help out a little bit.

His hands were outstretched, there was some encrusted blood in the hair near the corner of his mouth.

I said that I really didn't have anything for him, which I really don't, I'm living off the dole this week too. But he didn't stop, of course, and I said, 'ok, well, I can give you my coppers if you want.'

He agreed.

I took out my purse and dug all the change out of the coin bit - it really was just coppers, I'd put everything else into  the parking machine just before (€2.90 per hour! On a Sunday! oh yes).

As I put the handful of change in his hand, his face fell into an expression of comic disgust.

'Oh, literally?' he sneeered disappointedly at me, turned on his heel and walked away (with my change).

I reclaimed up the penny he'd dropped as he'd strode out, and thought sadly off the satisfying addition to my tattoo-fund-tin the handful of coppers would have made.

It was really funny. That told me. Dublin at its finest, I suppose. Seriously, though, the next person who asks me for money can fuck off.


Craig Sorensen said...

I hear you. I've experienced similar things with the "downtrodden" before...

morgor said...

they need to change the old adage to : "beggars shouldn't be choosers"

Jo said...

Heh, m, true.

Craig, I get where he's coming from, like Mexicans and Native Americans being classed 'ungrateful welfare recipients' but he just needs to not make assumptions about where I'm coming from!