Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Well - today - new class, one just for me - more Italian teens, but this time they're on the side of good. Intelligent, funny, respectful - QUIET when you're giving instructions. Love for the students, thank god. All my stress n' dread has receded significantly.

Still, I was thinking today, god, it's a long way til Friday... staring at the sea and thinking about the week ahead. Realised just now, hours later - it's not Monday! Yay woo!

Now I just have to plan a course, write it up, correct some essays, proof some exam papers and marking schemes, write some more exam papers and marking schemes, try to clean and manage the kiddies and work work work and not succumb to my baser internet/sleep/reading needs. Yeesh. 


Ms. Moon said...

I am so glad that today is better.

catherine said...

All good..nearly better than a lotto rush !!

Joanna Cake said...

Phew, that must have been a real relief. Teenagers can be a divided breed. Some are just a pleasure to be around, others a complete pain in the rear end. Hormones or just inconsiderate selfishness?

Try to find time for yourself - it sounds rich coming from me as I look at the screen and try not to succumb to the desire to retire to bed without doing the washing up.

But Ruf will be here this time tomorrow so I am definitely on an up beat today :)

laughykate said...

Hey, yay for a better day.

Annah said...

I was thinking of my weaving classes when I read your first post about the unruly teens. I am teaching a group of adults for 8 weeks, Monday mornings for 2 hrs at a time. My first day I nearly cried and my stress levels were so high for days after and I was dreading the following week. And the second class was so wonderful, we laughed from beginning to end and it was just brilliant to hear the feedback from the first week, how they loved it so much and some came to the second class so inspired and had been creating all kinds of exciting work.
I realise my stress was in not knowing the group, or their needs, and how they would work at different levels. Then for the second week, I threw them in the deep end and showed them how to warp up the frames and knot them, and it was super in that they learnt a skill and were competent despite their personal difficulties and the sense of achievement was huge.
For me just remembering their names and also being able to recall things they were interested in from the first week, and just being myself was so important.
I hope yours get less of a burden, or that you continue to get nice groups.....Teaching is such a challenge at times, but so worthwhile. Love Annah