Thursday, October 13, 2011


This morning as I was driving to work, down the hill towards the sea, I saw a woman walking down the path.

I noticed her long, full, yellow skirt, and her flowing, voluminous orange top that came down to her knees. She had sandals on, I think. She was middle aged, and her hair was long and wild and grey. I caught a glimpse of her serene face as I passed, as I looked in the mirror - and she was draping herself in a long, black... cloak, as she walked. 

Do you think I saw a witch? I hope I did. 

It frustrates me - 15 pages of Google images reveal only ugly, horrible crones, or sexy, nubile temptresses. Where are the beautiful, older, wise women? The ones with the knowledge? The ones who know how to deliver babies, and heal, and look after animals, and cook. Where is my mother, in there? It's a pity, the extent to which we bought the propaganda.