Friday, October 7, 2011


there's not much going on online tonight. Most people have lives on a Friday.

I have work, but my kids hog the computer, cause noise I can't focus around, need things... like kids do. I chase Olivia to bed at 9pm after falling asleep with Bodhi for 25 minutes.

I briefly contemplate drugging myself with coffee and  trying to get some work done, but it's no good. I know it's no good, I can feel it. Bodhi was up at 6am this morning, for some reason, and I went to sleep too late last night. Teaching is wearing me out, even though it's only a four hour class. I am going to go to bed now, and try to make it all back up.

Someone I know has recently been hit with a crippling, inexplicable bout of near total insomnia, it's quite terrifying. What makes your body decide to refuse sleep completely, even though it's killing your brain cells and your systems? Why does a brain turn on itself like that?

I wish we could lie together and let my leaden exhaustion open up a path that pulls us both down into deep, restful dreams and holds us there, as long as we need, until all is recharged again.


Mwa said...

I'm up too. I know I should sleep, but so many things I want to do, and the only time I feel justified "wasting time" is when everyone is asleep. Ah well. I hope you end up refreshed tomorrow.

Jo said...

Yeah, somehow not so much. I couldn't bring myself to go at nine, but I shoulda. Then there was a hot water bottle leak at 3am, so the boychild came in to me, and well... sigh.

Craig Sorensen said...

Yeah, I try not to complain about my insomnia too much, since when all is said and done, I do get enough sleep to function from day to day.

Could be so much worse.

I hope you got some good rest.