Sunday, October 9, 2011

spoiling you with video - garden visitor

We have seen no hedgehogs in the near decade we've been here - but the other night Axl saw one running up the lane, and this morning he found a trapped fugitive in the sandpit - this poor little creature must have been there since last night, unable to get back out.

We were all enchanted - I had a retriever who used to go retrieve hedgehogs, memorably leaving the first one in the sitting room, where my father thought it was a hairbrush left on the floor til it started walking away. She did it often, and had to be encouraged to stop. Then she overheard my mother telling my granny about it it months later, and rushed off and came back with one. I haven't seen one since, now that I think about it. It was the kids' first sighting of one, and right up close. Very exciting!

I think we'll go out and get a hedgehog hibernation hut for the winter. We put some dog food out for it, will see if we can encourage it to visit again.