Friday, October 28, 2011


Bodhi watched his first scary movie tonight. We wanted something Halloweeny, and when I told them about Tremors, they were very eager. I remembered the funny bits and tension more than the scariness, so when I got to Xtravision and they had a box set (including the two sequels, oh dear!) I decided to go for it.

He liked it, but it freaked him. But he wouldn't stop watching. And discovered the hiding-under-the-duvet tactic  favoured by his mother.

I don't know - if he was my first I never would have let him watch it. Poor kiddie! Olivia loved it of course, and was frustrated the couple times I fast forwarded gory bits. It's a very ketchup-splattery movie, but the tension is good, and the way it sets that up by killing off less important characters so you worry more about the main ones is effective, if you're small.

He was scared of monsters afterwards, though, even though he agreed the Worms didn't look real. So I got into bed with him with the light on, and he was asleep in minutes. I'm anticipating nightmares tonight though. Poor baby. What have I done!

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