Saturday, October 15, 2011

what we're like in labour

Can anyone who will ever be a parent, support a parent or have anything to do with birth please read this?

It makes me think deeply about how I was and what I needed in labour. I was lucky enough to have manageable ones, the pain of them was not particularly extreme, I wasn't frightened (well, not of the pain, at least, given the circumstances of the second one), maybe the babies were just in good positions to come easily. I still wish I'd had better care for the second, because I think I would have been one of those pop-him-out-with-a-smile mothers if things hadn't gone so pear shaped.

The whole post is SO IMPORTANT and highlights so strongly what it hospital procedure is doing wrong, and doing to women and babies so violently. Our own birth processes have been stolen from us. And it's getting worse - that Midwife and Nurses' bill is going to go through unamended again, ringing a death knell for home birth and independent midwifery. I am no fan of our new health minister, who doesn't even bother to come vote on the bills the government is passing and for the whole health service, who seem to insist on ignoring evidence based best practice. 


Ms. Moon said...

Yes. I recognize every bit of this from when I attended women in labor. I'm sending the link to Jessie.

Jo said...

Did you notice the Scent? That's almost the best bit!