Monday, November 7, 2011

pretty places

I feel like complaining but someone posted a picture of a white hand holding a withered, skeletal African child's hand on facebook today, and made the point that many people in the world would love to have our lives that we hate. You can't argue with that, so I won't complain about my minor discomforts and stresses.

Instead I'll post a picture Olivia took on our walk into Avondale House on the weekend. It's a beautiful place and the sun was shining. There are trees, and green, and squirrels. Everything was wet from the melted frost (which sadly curtailed our playground activities - and then the other play ground was still locked. And when we went back on the way home, both kids were enjoying themselves but Olivia somehow wet herself and that was the end of the fun. She was quite bothered by that. Should I worry about an eight year old occasionally wetting herself? I think it's probably to do with just not going to the toilet frequently enough. I hope so, anyway.)

ANYWAY. Photo.

If you want beautiful photos and no whinging to detract from them, you should go look at Milk-Moon (see blogroll) that has such pretty words to match. 


Ms. Moon said...

What a perfect picture!

laughykate said...

I wouldn't worry about it - my seven year old niece occasionally does the same. Nothing wrong with her - apart from the fact she's FAR TOO busy to have to make the journey to the loo!