Monday, November 14, 2011

six minutes of pilates

I have neglected myself sorely. I am a mess. This, this is needed.

And isn't it pretty?

I don't think I'm quite ready for it yet, though - it's not old crock level, even if it's only 6 minutes. 


Ms. Moon said...

So I got to the five press-ups and said "Nah."

Anonymous said...

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Mwa said...

Neglect won't be as sore, though.

Jo said...

Knee press ups, Mary! Or whatever variant you like. Actually, the plank underneathy dippy things are harder.

I'm thinking if I could do that 6 minutes a day it might make a big difference to my enfeebled state.

morgor said...

I've persuaded my gf to start going to the gym. And she was rather feeble.
In fact she started going for a run in the morning too. go her.
That said,being 25, not having a job or any children probably makes it a bit easier.
But still, whooo!

Jo said...

Nice work, Mat! Soon you will have the fembot you desire!


Anonymous said...

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morgor said...

heh, i'm also training her to cook while i play playstation 3.
It's a pretty good deal.