Thursday, December 22, 2011

dream adjustment

This morning I dreamed that Axl and I went to an osteopath. He may have been something of a leprechaun osteopath, judging by the photos we looked at in his office, but I don't know that that's relevant. I waited in the car for Axl and the osteo came out and talked to me - he reached through the window (I get this a lot in dreams, things happening through car windows) and fiddled with my shoulder. Then he located a point on the back of my neck and applied pressure, and in the dream my spine was flooded with a warm orgasmic relief and good feeling that flowed about half way down to the bottom of my ribs. It was delicious. I have to admit, my back was much better for the first half of the day, whether that was related or not. We should be able to heal ourselves in dreams... if we can have orgasms, surely a bit of healing is possible too?

Really, though, I wish I could feel that feeling again. The actual sensation of being adjusted osteopathically is far from pleasant. It's fairly unpleasant, I don't like it.

Though the last time I went to the Craniosacral osteopath, feeling my hip finally releasing was quite interesting. They don't do much manipulation, they just rest their hand flat, palm up, under your sacrum, and make tiny adjustments. It took a while, but finally, my right leg, which is always shorter than my left because of my pelvis being so misaligned and my sacrum pushing into soft tissue there etc, well, it let go. I could feel a sudden loosening, and a sensation like my right leg was growing about six inches longer. It just went on and on, it was quite amazing.

The sad thing is, I need to go back often, once isn't enough to hold, and to counter all the everyday stuff that damages it, and I end up back where I started fast.

When I can though, I'll go to a guy my friend is really happy with, someone you check in with every day for a month or so after your initial readjusting, which sounds like exactly what I need.

I've had back problems since I was 18, initiated by the horrible chairs I spent a year sitting in while I repeated my Leaving, and compounded completely by pregnancy. And sitting in this chair I'm in right now, and not exercising enough. Though I went for a walk the other day, and have been totally fucked since. Sigh.   Backs and knees. Design flaws... 

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