Sunday, December 18, 2011

please Santa, do my maths for me?

I don't know where I put the Christmas cards. Given that it's Christmas in a week, I feel this is a sign that I won't be sending any this year.

I have work to finish. Must do work.

I've got the brief for the correcting I'll be doing over the holiday - I have grade according to the state exam curve. Which means working out percentages of grades and sticking to them. ie forcing the grades I give to match them. FFS. It's going to force me to do maths. MATHS. I can't stand it. Also, it will add countless hours to a task that's always a bit hysterical at the best of times. Bangs head off wall*

It makes me slightly sick that the school are buying into the grade manipulation that the State does. We want to be getting rid of this exam, not adopting more of its practices. The administration a teacher has to do is getting more like the workload in England and it's soul destroying.

Oh Universe, can I just get a teaching job again, please?

I have to put a job application in the post tomorrow. The post. Why, school? Why no email? I haven't got any job interviews this year, but I have to keep trying, I guess. But the process... my printer is broken - I have another one to use but I have to go get ink. Then post it. Bah. BAH.


Ms. Moon said...

And you need a job to be able to afford the ink for the printer.

catherine said...

best of luck with that Jo..the correcting and the job hunt..maybe 2012 will bring a bit of good fortune with it ;)

Jo said...

Thanks, Catherine :)

Mary, bought ink for the borrowed printer... it's not printing properly. I've given up on this one.