Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I went to the bank to see if I could get a loan to pay off my visa bill. They didn't give me any privacy or explain anything about what they would offer. Then they rang to say the loan had been accepted (yay) but when I went down to sign, someone else was at the customer service desk and just handed me a contract to sign. Again, no privacy, no explanations - I struggled to read it and ask questions, but this is not my forte and anything to do with money makes me panic and blind. So I didn't see what the interest rate was (over twice as high as I'd hoped) and part of what I signed was a change of mind waver, she was very vague about why that was part of the deal.

The first payment was meant to go out on the 29th, and this morning I noticed it hadn't - there was a 'returned direct debit' notice of 0 euro. I just rang the bank to find out why, but they won't tell me without my last Visa credit transaction, and I don't know where the bill is.

The reason I don't know where the bill is is because there was €70 interest on it, that I'm told comes from new interest charging procedures - last year I wouldn't have been charged for the period between the bill being issued and the loan clearing it, but now, I am (and I'm also paying the same interest on the loan itself, no doubt)... and it varies from branch to branch.

I feel like I'm being shafted there, but no doubt it's all sewn up. Not fond of AIB. No.

The worst thing is that dealing with this stuff just incapacitates me. Not being able to find out about why the debit didn't go through is leaving me stressed and miserable feeling. Money. Banks. Why all so emotional? 


Janine Ashbless said...

Agh. *hug*

morgor said...

ugh, i've had issues trying to cancel the credit card that i haven't used for over a year and has been frozen and expired for all that time.
Apparently i have to pay off the government fee of 40 euro for having a card, which will cost me an extra 20 euro just to transfer the money from australia, and then whatever extra on converting the money.
Not pleased.

Jo said...

AGHGHGHG it goes on! It was THEIR FAULT! And they sent me off to accuse my own fucking bank instead of checking themeselves. AGGHGHGHG!

Ms. Moon said...

It's emotional for so many reasons, one of which is that we are told so often that our success as a human depends on our financial success.