Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the body shop

I went to the Body Shop the other day, with the kids, after yet another failed mission to find Olivia some acceptable T shirts. She's grown out of H&M boys' shirts now, and should be in the 9-14 category, and this... does not suit. Now we're into 8 year old daughter rejects teen fashion territory, a whole new worry.

Anyway, so I must have needed to spend some money, we hied ourselves to the Body Shop.

Oops - well, some eyebrow and mascara gel, I've been meaning to get for ages, to try and force my eyebrows into some sort of order. Which meant no new mascara, as that would have been over thirty quid, just for those. Is it me, or does that seem like a lot? But, I lost my eyebrow pencil a long time ago, and have been going without for, um, years? Which is no big deal really, as I wear make up only a handful of times a year at this stage, yet somehow the industry (and certain subtle pressures from my peer group) conspire to make me feel guilty about it. Am I not worth it?

And yet, I feel guilty about spending money on frivolous things, when my daughter needs osteopathy and other health things. The conflict.

Anyway, what else. Nail and cuticle gel! My nails are a disaster zone  at the moment, this might help. Being nice to my nails is a good thing.

Bodhi wanted to know where the Man Stuff was, so we asked for just that, and he had a squirt of White Musk for men (they're making that now!) and smelled delicious all day :)

He then wandered round sniffing all the bathbombs, and delighted the ladies so much they brought the kid free samples of mini bath bombs to take home. Yay, child's cuteness gets us free stuff! He didn't like that, though. So I had to tel lhim the story of his dad getting called a cutey-pie in Dunkin Donuts way back in the day, and being given a massively filled sandwich :)

I bought the kids some strawberry soap, the three cosmetics, and it was over €44. Gulp. They gave me a free shower gel, lotion sample and the mini bathbombs, though, so that was nice. I currently smell of coconut.


Ms. Moon said...

We lost our Body Shoppe. It makes me so sad. I did love the smells there. The White Musk being one of my favorites. And the olive oil body butter. And the blackberry oils...
Glad you got samples. That eases the pain.

Jo said...

Oh, sad it's gone. I wonder can you buy online?