Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh lord!

Me: Come here you, til I give you a kiss-on-the-face.

 Bodhi makes smoochie lips, then holds out the mini cap-pistol he found at his granny's: Now kiss my gun! 



Ms. Moon said...

Starts early, never ends.

Jo said...

Just to clarify, he did give me a nice kiss first :)

Catherine said...

Brill..what is it about boys and guns..constantly amazed how Hugh can fashion a gun out of..anything , Lego, bits of wood, name it..and now daddy let's him play crazy shoot up games on Xbox ..should I be worried??

Jo said...

I personally would veto killing games - look up effects on desensitisation etc. I know many disagree and say it's good for reflexes and stress relief. Not for little kids, though, I don't think. Personally.

They'll seek them out in the end, though, of course.