Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So tired.

Visited kinesiologist. Olivia's thyroid better, mine not. Oestrogen up, progesterone down. We'll see how this progresses. 

Asked Axel to make a risotto as Olivia is in a mood to taste things and eat healthy. Kitchen table was clear, we ate together - she tried it, and liked it!   !!!!!


The risotto was beyond delicious, and with salad - it tasted so  good, it was so good to be fed such beautiful, tasty food. Such a treat. I can't really express how good that was. And at the table, all together? Very nice. 

Horrible morning, I won't go into that. I came home and slept for two hours and still feel like I'm about to fall into a coma. Sooo tired.


Ms. Moon said...

Do you think there may be a bit of depression going on here?

Jo said...

Well, that's an ongoing thing, Mary. Hormonal issues and thyroid too but the exhaustion is from correcting til 3.30 in the morning on monday, and not really making up the time Tuesday or Wednesday. Time of the month, though, nearly.