Wednesday, February 1, 2012

soon SOPA will be here

And I won't be able to post beautiful things like this for you anymore.

I have just come from a 'debate' in the Dáil with Sean Sherlock on the SOPA-Ireland legislation which he is signing. Deputy Catherine Murphy & I submitted amendments which went some way to controlling the damage which may be caused by this legislation, as voiced by over 77,000 people in a petition, by the owners of Irish online companies, by credible copyright lawyers and by the association representing Internet Service Providers in Ireland (whose members include Google).

Not a single letter will be changed in the Government's proposal. Worse, Sean confirmed at the end of the debate that he had already stated clearly before the debate that nothing would be changed. I don't know which I'm more frustrated about - the fact that potentially damaging legislation will now be introduced, which will not achieve the intended objectives of clamping down on copyright abuses, or that our parliamentary democracy has been shown so clearly to be the sham so many told me it was when I first decided to run for election.



Catherine said...

Wtf ? What's going on..

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