Tuesday, August 14, 2012

maternity care and abuse

I'm a member of a birth trauma group on facebook. Various dazed and shocked women post their stories there, ask for advice.

I just plucked up my courage to read a story there from a woman who's suffering a lot now - it's... it's appalling. It's the kind of thing no one believes happens, they think it's all smiling busy midwives and brisk, cheerful obstetricians, and silly women blowing things out of proportion due to labour confusion etc.

This reads like something from the 30s, full of cruelty and mismanagement. I feel sick. I feel traumatised just reading it. Not only was this woman put through a gauntlet of ill treatment, she was chided, insulted, taunted, talked down to, spoken to angrily and punitively, allowed to think her child had died.... it was horrific. I wish I hadn't read it. And this in a climate where they've decided not to pay for home births anymore. This is what they offer instead. 

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