Sunday, August 19, 2012

nothing, really

Before I would have told you of today's cake-plan-failure - a mother in law I failed to make happy on her birthday. Now I just feel... what's the point. What's the point in dwelling on small things. Things tend not to go so right these days. More small failures than small successes. It's all small anyway, there's little reason to write about it. About cake, about tiredness, about loneliness. What's to write that's not just ... droning on? I'm not feeling so writey, these days, sadly. 

Ach, I dunno. Sorry, guys, I wish I had more for you. School soon, Bodhi's first day... Olivia's going to have archery lessons in October, all going well. Axl's going on an expenses paid trip to the Grand Prix in Italy, a life long dream for him and I will be juggling work and child pick ups and drop offs, or whoever will graciously manage them for me. Maybe there'll be some fodder there. 

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