Friday, August 24, 2012


Dental x-ray (may it not increase my chances of tumour development) shows no categorical evidence of decay in tooth. There's a possible dark spot at the root of it, but nothing definite or obvious. So... I am still with all my remaining teeth and I'm really bloody glad I didn't have to have injections and an extraction today as I had a headache and felt nauseous. Also, my dentist assures me that if I have to have it out, it won't show that much, and my face will not cave in and leave me crone-like.

So, that's good.

As I was leaving my friend told me implants cost three grand - you could get one boob done for that, apparently - a tooth or one boob. Hee!

Hmm. So if I save three grand on an extraction instead, which boob do you think I should get lifted? :)


Craig Sorensen said...

Maybe you can have both boobs lifted half way. :-)

Jo said...


I'll consider that, Craig :)