Friday, September 28, 2012

birthday parties

It's a horrible feeling when your child doesn't get invited to birthday parties. Especially by kids who came to hers... I can't blame anyone at the moment though, she's been acting so horribly in school...  totally shooting her self in the foot. So tough, though. It must be hurting her too... there's a double party, one kid she has issues with and he with her, and that's fair enough, but another I thought she got on with... and all her friends will be going. She hasn't said anything about the second child, maybe she doesn't know. I hope not. She'll find out on Monday though, no doubt.

But it won't sink in why... she doesn't know how her behaviour comes across, she doesn't see what she's doing to herself. She thinks it's them, to a degree. But it has to still hurt. It's lonely.

God, I hope this levels out. I hope the psychologist and the OT can help. I hope so so badly. Otherwise where do we go? It's such a miserable vista. I hope this is just a year we can write off in the future. There's always next year. Maybe things will be better by then.

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