Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween party preparation

Olivia was Bellatrix Lestrange  and was amazed at the wonders of backcombing. I was pretty amazed at just how much hair she has. She was less delighted afterwards when she had to wash and brush it out again - and will not be dressing up for the school parade tomorrow. Which is sad, as the school party was a bit of a wash out for us - sensory overload for Olivia, noise and dark and crowds, and she spend most of it outside, and Bodhi was a bit freaked by the noise and dark and clutched my hand the entire time and didn't really find any of his friends to play with. We went home early.

It kind of makes me want to stop going to these things, but I suppose that's not quite the answer. Or is it? I don't know. Lots of great cake and costumes though.


catherine said...

How cool are your kids :)

Jo said...