Wednesday, October 10, 2012

stone age gender issues

Olivia's furious today - she loved the beginning of her history class on the Stone Age where they all had to make weapons - furious whittling followed - but today they did a role play, it seems, where by the boys got to go hunting and the girls had to stay home and do housework. She is NOT pleased. She does NOT want to write the story about it she has to write for homework.

Her dad is disgusted - why not make the point that the men hunted, then let them all have fun, he thinks.

I'm a bit sad she's still too young for Clan of the Cave Bear, but am wondering how I can motivate her to willingly write a rebel tale of a woman who isn't meant to hunt but does anyway... 


Catherine said...

She could say her man was killed by a mammoth so she had no choice but to go hunt to feed her gotta love her spiikiness though..

Jo said...

Well she's right on this one. The spikiness, I'm not so happy about - she used to be an avid story writer but now she refuses to do her homework because she doesn't enjoy it anymore and it's boring and hard work :(

I won't force her because I know she'll come back to it, but the refusing to do hw thing is terrible. But I have to pick my battles these days.