Sunday, November 4, 2012


I read Róisín Ingle's column again today. To cut a long story short, it's all about complaining. Or rather, not complaining. I'm aware that I am a moany cow who complains all the time and never does anything about any of it.

I have LOTS to complain about today though. I should try to resist. Though not from telling you I ditzed past the the petrol station on the main road and had to go to the one in Bray, which was fine as it's beside Tesco, BUT THEN as I was walking in, I somehow FELL DOWN and slid in the door, horribly gouging my knee on the groove in the metal strip across the door as I went. As I walked out, after waving away the helpful people, paying in deep embarrassment and pain, and limping as fast as I could towards the car, I could feel wetness and my skirt sticking to my knee. I got to the car, risked a peek, and EW. Gross cut with the scraped away skin looking all globular and bubbled at the base of it.

I was talking just the other day before about how horrible it is to fall down as an adult, and it occurs to me that it's probably just as shocking for small children. We brush it off too fast sometimes - I felt shaky and weepy as I limped around Tesco buying bandages and as I drove home as well. I think it really is quite a shock - the pain, the embarrassment, the horrible realisation that you're smashing towards the ground and there's nothing you can do about it.

When I came home, Axl had the heat on - we're not supposed to be using it for more than an hour or so in the evenings - I've been freezing my ass off the last week. He's a wimp. The house is warm now, though, so I've put on all my clothes and bravely turned it off. I look like a sherpa right now.

Olivia lost part of a tooth on Halloween chewy sweets - it turns out she had decay under a piece of filling, it's turned into an abscess. I have her  on an antibiotic, but Axl failed to register that he was meant to give it to her today as he was asleep while I was trying to tell him before I went out to go to my granny's.

Ok, that's complaining. I just don't get it, can't say anything to him about it, don't know what to think, really. She was seeming v well, pain gone, but after missing the time for the antibiotic, she started getting worse again, now has a swollen gum and lots more pain. She doesn't want her tooth out - but not sure if the dental hospital will take her on (reduced rate), how long it'll take to get there, if the abscess will clear, if we can afford the whole thing.. she's loads of other cavities too.

Like a fucking idiot, I've just put together the reason she has such soft teeth is the gluten intolerance and ASD gut issues have interfered with her vitamin and mineral absorption, causing her teeth to fail. I need to get serious supplements into her at the moment, but really need some guidance. Not sure where to go. I don't understand why it's taken me this long to realise exactly what's going on. And here we are - multiple cavities,and need of another cap.

Ok. Perhaps now I've unloaded my complaining I can put aside the gut churning worry and  get some work done, which will help in some small way.


Ms. Moon said...

Jo. Oh god. It's so hard for you now. I wish it weren't. I know you're doing the best you can. Here I am. Not that that does any good at all.

Jo said...

Ach, Mary, I just sat and read my blog archives instead of finishing up work/going to sleep. Not the best I can do!

But thank you. At least my daughter's being a lot easier to deal with than she was. That makes a huge difference.

Jacki said...

After having gone to the dentist and had a number of cavities this past week I researched and found that vitamin D supplements are supposed to help. I found one with calcium and so far less discomfort.

Jo said...

Oh, great, yes, she mentioned that and I've gone and got some calc/vit D supplement. I need to look deeper into it though - her baby teeth are a wash out, but hopefully I can do something to save her new teeth.