Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Oh no she didn't!

Ax just told me that last week, while his brother was at a funeral and his mother was minding her one year old grandson.... she...


Cut his FRINGE, made an arse of it, then cut some more to try and straighten it out!! The classic disaster! This is why we don't cut our own children's hair, people.

Apparently my brother in law came in from the funeral to see his mother dancing nervously and saying, 'now he's still your child! He's still your child!'

She says she doesn't know why she did it.

Why the fuck did she do it? I think this is proof she's losing it for real.

Amazingly, his wife laughed when she saw it and said, ah, it'll grow back'. More power to her. I would have joined the child's dad in having a shit fit.

EDIT: I meant to say, news of this event has reignited my fears that she had my daughter secretly baptised. Axl said, 'oh, she's baptised, alright!' so he's clearly pretty convinced :) Alarming! 

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Janine Ashbless said...

Don't worry, getting a child baptised makes no actual difference to anything. Except for keeping it safe from the fairies, of course.