Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I attempted to get Olivia to wear some black velour tracksuit bottoms today - no go - she put one leg in just to prove they weren't comfortable - if the velour was on the inside, that would be comfortable, she attested. Also, she judged them to be brown. Not black enough.

But then she went upstairs and put on the dress she made from fashion plates, a website in the states on which you design your own clothes. She designed a beautiful dress, but then when it arrived it was too clingy and tight under the arms - she wanted to wear it but didn't. Tonight she came across it, clearly while looking for things to wear, and looked gorgeous. She confessed to me, breaking my heart, that she hadn't worn it because she was worried it made her tummy looked fat. Sadface* She does have a bit of a wobbly tummy, and it did cling to it so I can understand her self consciousness. Very glad she's feeling better about it. Of course, her brother piped up 'your tummy DOES look fat' - gah! Abort! Shove him in the  cupboard!

Anyway - the point of the story is a) minor celebration that she wanted to put something else on, and b) she came down all rosy cheeked and (as she's had the abscess and all) I asked her why her cheeks were so red, and she said 'I put facepaint on them to make myself look more adorable'.

It totally worked :) 


Catherine said...

:) happy days

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

facepaint to make herself MORE adorable?

Not even possible.