Sunday, December 2, 2012

Xmas Fair

My savant daughter guessed the closest estimate of sweets in the BIG jar at the school fair today. There were 227, and she guessed 224.

I wish it had been full of marbles or something though, her teeth are rotting out of her head. Sigh. Still, she's so delighted and proud of herself. She had a really good day - ran round with her friends, helped me on the cake stall and had a great time.

The school fair did even better than usual, change of management, I'm very proud of my friend who took on the running of it. It's great, now we can keep the lights on in the bloody school.

David Norris was quoted in the paper yesterday, taking the Taoiseach to task about schools who can't afford heat getting the students to jump up and down to stay warm. My mother in law asked if we could imagine the politicians in the Dáil jumping up and down to stay warm, which I think is an excellent fucking question, and one I might write in to the newspaper with.

Grr arg. 

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