Friday, January 25, 2013

2nd week back working, soooo sleepy this week. I'm running aground. Kids have been sick, Bodhi still is, bless him. Even his teacher is out, apparently!

I have a list of bills and needs as long as my arm, though, v glad of the surprise work, I just wish I wasn't so tired and could get on with more. Dentist trauma drama with Olivia, who has still comandeered control of the living room. I won't moan on, but I'm feeling hopeless about it all again. As is Axl, who seems to be giving up too. His singer's talking about how his girlfriend wants them to go to Autralia for a year, and Axl is saying fuck it, just go. I guess he can do something else musical while he's gone, plus internet collaboration. All will not be lost.

I was hoping to indulge in some moreCriminal Minds tonight - now that I've rediscovered tv, Olivia decides to take over the living room 24 hours a day. Gah. Also, Better off Ted is hilarious, it's so nice to have a comedy that makes me laugh out loud again. This isn't news, but it is my life... Still, tonight I'm so tired I think sleep by 11.30 is a good idea. It's safe to make a hot water bottle tonight, I don't have to get out of bed in the morning... oooohhh, that feels so good to say. I forwent the hwb the last couple nights because I'm having trouble getting up for work. It didn't make any difference today, though - I lay there for about 40 mins past the alarm, revelling in the warm comfiness and deciding to just go with it and not worry. And now I'm going to go get back in. nightynight. 

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