Thursday, January 10, 2013

Soon I shall venture out into the world and have coffee with a friend and our many combined children. My children will say aaaaaoowww, we don't want to go hoooome. I'm so cold today. It's a raw, green and brown and grey January day. I made soup. I ate tea cakes and breakfast biscuits. I made it to the post office but forgot to post my cards.

It's really too late to send Christmas cards, isn't it? I think I'd better send some Spring ones instead.

Olivia is playing with a friend who likes her but isn't inviting her to her zoo birthday party, because Olivia always gets grumpy and has angry fits and she doesn't want her birthday ruined. I told Axl this,  and he's furious. I get it though. Why should she jeopardize her birthday? She's eight. It's a lot of goodness to expect from a child, to include someone who might fuck it all up. Axl's the one who storms home from every ruined outing grumping that we're never going anywhere again. Olivia doesn't know. She doesn't like the zoo anyway, and she wouldn't wear warm enough clothes to go... no doubt she'll be miserable when she finds out, though, and curse her condition, while not taking any responsibility for it. She doesn't see her behaviour because she feels so justified in it at the time. I suppose she gets that from me as well.

I don't know - I'd plead her case if I wasn't so uncertain of the outcome. Axl's not the one who takes her home furious and grumbling from other parties.

I really don't know anything about what's right.


catherine said...

god Jo, I dont know what to say either other than i hear sounds like a battle for everyone and i suppose its all going to take heart is breaking for Olivia and the friend thing..Kate is 6 now and i can see how the friend pyramid can get nasty..they re too little to really understand and thats without other complications! Jaysus..

Jo said...

Thanks, Catherine. It is a tough one. Hoepfully people who have trouble make it out in the end with a few very close, loyal friends, rather than lots of superficial ones. I hope so, anyway.