Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good things - birth pictures from AIMS Ireland - when things go well, something to counteract all the misery AIMS has to process, maybe? Also to convince people why they're trying to fight for our right to safe happy births.


Have a look, send your own in if you like.

The promised heat wave arrived yesterday, after we had what Axl described as a 'Ukranian Barbeque' on Saturday - huddled in the cold eating delicious food, under a grey sky threatening rain. Women and children finally retreated to the sitting room where my sister in law shouted at her kids a lot. Her toddler is a fine wee chap now, wandering round, interested, following complex instructions I gave him without a bother (when I told him to mind his fingers in the cupboard door, he stopped, thought about it, then used his thumb instead, holding his fingers out of the way) and yet his mother is still screaming AH-AH!!! and BOLD!!!! at him all the time... she's none too bright. And she keeps referring to her kids as 'little shits' which is none too bright either. The worst thing is, she and her husband just don't get it. As far as I can see. I mean... I fuck up and get it wrong all the time, but at least I know I do. Sigh. I know it's glass houses, it's just depressing.

Olivia went shopping for a swim suit today - and SHE BOUGHT ONE! She loves it! It's comfy, Wheee! Also a new tshirt and shorts. This is a delightful development and she was over the moon at how retro she was in her stripes. Like a 1940s model by a beach hut, she reckons.

Bad things: while she was changing, I finally got busted for not paying my tax, just as I was about to sort it all out, illegally and cheaply. Arse. Arse on a stick. All the money I had is not going to go on my car, as I've to get it tested and repaired this week too. Arse!! I know, I know ... my government needs it. I do too, sadly. AND a fine on top. Arse!

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Ms. Moon said...

Well damn on the tax thing but the rest of the post was fairly lovely. I love the pictures of new babies and mamas and dads. You knew I would.