Saturday, June 22, 2013

more Braytales

I get out of the car to get a ticket and hear crying. A man is carrying two young girls up the street, one in each arm. They're crying and wailing, he's saying 'Shurrup, shurrup,shurrup' at intervals, in a low, desperate voice, yet one that carries over the wailling. They protest and seem to be explaining, but all he responds with is 'Shurrup', clearly feeling the strain of their weight and their screaming in his ear. The kids are red faced. He's stony faced. I briefly wonder if they're his, but who am I kidding. Of course they are.

Behind me is a teenage dad holding hands with his four year old, and a football in the other. The kid is commenting on the crying children and wondering why they're upset. The youngster father does not know. He's behind me as I walk into the town, and he starts to sing a song about lighting up your spliff and taking a whiff of it as he leads his child to McDonald's. I turn around, laughing incredulously, and ask him if it's appropriate. 'Wha'?' he says, confused. 'I dunno'.

Then there's a cacophany of beeping as I walk down the mainstreet - a 6 car protest against shutting our god-awful, unhygenic A&E (ER). I'm torn about this. It's good to have a local hospital, but it's a dreadful one. I don't think it's safe. I'd rather travel the extra 30 minutes than go there, I think. Thje beeping tips me towards  the side of close it down, though, I must admit. Loud.

My poor Bodhi has the chicken pox. The first few days were fine but today he's covered in spots and very itchy. A bit miserable. Better this afternoon than this morning though, hopefully it's the last day of it. Ohhh, it will be fun when Olivia finally gets it, eh? Agh!


Ms. Moon said...

It's completely insane how easy it is to become a parent.
And it's completely insane how hard it is to be a good one.
Poor little Bodhi Boy. And yeah, Olivia is probably going to be miserable.

Jo said...

As are the rest of us!

Agree with you completely :)