Thursday, July 25, 2013

tired brainless again

Even though I went to bed at 11 last night. Eleven, I really did! The night before though, I confess to staying up til 2.30 reading my writer-friend Charlotte Stein's new novel Run To You, which is a romance and is full of sex and is utterly fabulous and intense. I could hardly keep reading, but I couldn't stop, either. It resonated muchly. If you feel any urge at all to read some quality romance, then check out Charlotte. She's ass kicking. 1.99 is a ridiculous price for it, really.

Ok. Coffee has worked on evening slump. Kinda. Tomorrow is Friday, whee! Happy. Sleep in in the morning. Yes. 


catherine said...

hey, i ve been glad all is good on your side..hope you had that sleep in..happy weekend :)

Jo said...

Hey Catherine :) I hope you had a nice time away.