Monday, August 26, 2013

god bless technology and dirty pictures

I've a new class for this week - the elegant Columbian woman, Sweet Korean girl and smiley Spanish guy were getting on really well - I'd given them a chat exercise, get to know each other and one of the questions is what kind of person you find attractive. JinJu had whipped out her phone and scrolled through a selection of clean cut young Korean heartthrobs - complete with a guy lounging on the grass with a delightful puppy.

What technology can do for us now, eh? Our crushes with us AT ALL TIMES. I wonder why I haven't done this? I think because my phone's not quite good enough. I need an ipad.

Mary, have you loaded up your ipad with manporn?


Ms. Moon said...

Not unless by "manporn" you mean pictures of my grandsons.

Jo said...

No, I certainly don't mean that :)

Though that's a different kind of wonderful - I've had students show me pictures of their whole families, and it's a lovely thing for them to be able to carry with them so far away. If you were here, I'd look at your photos for hours :)

I feel too old for it though - on my tumblr, well, it's my guilty pleasure, but on my phone? No. Too much like decorating my homework journal in school.