Thursday, August 8, 2013

If I had some disposable cash flow I would...

Go to Tolteca in Dublin and sample a burritto to see how Authentic it tastes. Then go to that other place near Jervis Street I can't remember the name of and get one to bring home for a taste comparison.

Get me some osteopathy and stop being so sore and aged feeling.

Go to the pool more.

Maybe buy a bike. It's been a long time since I leaned my bike against the post and just locked my locked my lock to the bike post, then came out of work to find my lock still there and my bike gone.

Go get a special Trich hair weavey thingy.

Oh, god, there was a beautiful Indian skirt in Monsoon that was so lovely.

Get shelves from Ikea.

Get a filling.

Get a pelvic floor strength assessment.

Get a Lelo Ina  This is a vibrator, be aware of that if you click the link.

Neil Gaiman's new book.

There's more, but I gotta  go.

I'm feeling super guilty because I bought a new phone after the other one got soaked in the rain on Bodhi's abortive bday party. I bought a nicer one than the old one, you see. Was gonna make up the difference with some cupcake sales in work, but it turns out they can't sell them as I don't have HSE clearance, so that idea has been axed. So... I feel a bit panicked. Oopsie.


Jo said...

If this was the Old Days, people would have left THEIR lists in the comments... alas.

Ms. Moon said...

I just downloaded a book for $9.99 to my iPad and now I feel twice guilty.
!. I have an iPad
2. I paid for a book that I could probably get at the library.

Jo said...

Aw, but this makes me laugh, so that's minus some guilt :)

catherine said...

Ah Jo..If I had the money I'd buy you that skirt (pricey at £55 !)along with the shelves and the lelo ina (work wouldnt allow me check that out !)am would prob throw one in for myself too..then I'd take you for mexican where you could wear the new skirt and fancy hair do and get sloshed on margaritas !!..and with any left over cash I'd buy myself some time off work so I could spend the last of the hols with the kids just haging developing post school year angst :(

Jo said...

Aw, Catherine, that's the sweetest ever. Maybe we should do a cut price version of that and I'll pay my own way. We must be able to stretch to a margarita and burrito at some point!

That skirt is way too expensive, Monsoon always is - they have good sales, though, even if I've never any cash for sale shopping.

I wish you could take the time off - it sucks, it makes you miss the whole summer. My husband's doing a lot of the minding and he takes them ot the beach and out for cycles, but if I was home we'd do more social stuff with school friends and so on.

Jo said...

PS, I've read lots of Ina reviews, they're stellar. It comes (!) highly recommended!

Catherine said...

Yes..lets try make it out sometime for a bite and a would be weird and fantastic to meet you..I can do town in donnybrook, live near's not the moon though:)) and yes my husband is looking after the kids too and I just wish I was here to enjoy the school free lazy days before the dark evenings creep up on us ...
And yes monsoon is outrageous ..looking at little girls dresses other day ..50 e!!
And the other...on my wish list :)))))
Have a great weekend ( as I raise a glass of red ) xxx

Jo said...

Oo, we can do Donnybrook - I've babysitting nights on Mondays and Tuesdays. Mail me at the address and we'l hook up properly.

Don't worry, I've met a lot of online people and haven't been axe murdered yet - and you probably know me better than some real life people whose blogs you've never read ;)