Sunday, December 15, 2013

ah, the joys

Going to the inlaws today, an hour away.

I went out to take the dog for a walk, we can't bring him. Little bit later than I planned, as I was making them cookies, which have come out horrible, due to stupid Tesco's inferior products, and me buying cheap chocolate. And bad cookie karma, whatever. As I left with the dog, Axl menaced me with a 'now we're leaving in 45 minutes' and I got back right on time - to find he'd gone to buy his nephew's Christmas present. He's just got back 25 minutes later than he planned to leave and is stomping around grumbling about how he'd rather stay in bed, and has no deodorant etc.

Great. Fun fun!

I just want to go to Ikea. Grumpyface*

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