Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I have the Fear

I just have a couple hours more work to do and then this paper will be finally pretty much finished. I couldn't do it last night, was just too tired and my brain refused to work properly. Got up early today but so far no go. I am coffeed, now, so I hope my brain will clear and function enough to get it done. I am freaking out a little because I just took a Nurofen plus for the second day in a row for back pain brought on by a Sunday of the cake stall at the school fair leaning over a short, short table that is for 4 year olds. My back is ruined. We made money though, woo and hoo. Still, the table thing seems unnecessary. Three days of pain (so far) and the money I need to but don't have to spend on an osteopath as a result, it's just silly. Next year, big table for me!

Anyway, now I'm on codeine. That can't be good. I'm hoping it will right itself while I'm blissfully pain free, rather than m damaging it more while I'm not feeling what's going on. Sigh. Caffeine and codeine, what's happening to me.

How incoherent this all is. Welcome to my mind this Tuesday morning! 

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Ms. Moon said...

Well- you know what I call the Mother's Speedball? Coffee and a beer.
Coffee and codeine sound superior to that.
Don't beat yourself up. Your back is already injured.