Monday, December 30, 2013

indulge me, if you will, a moment

Ugh, attack of the oversugar. Coldsores. Bleh.

So, two things. Today I went bag shopping because I had a voucher, and an overwhelming urge to have a handbag. First one in years.

I've bought something would be far more suited to women in heels and Italian suits and coiffed hair. It's depressing me because I think it's going to look ridiculous next to my scruffiness and lumpiness and maybe I should just go back and get the far more invisible black one.

I asked the shop assistant in the end, in desperation because I couldn't choose. She was sweet, and encourtaged me. I don't know. It seems terrible to be shown up as a scruffbag by one's own handbag.

The other thing is, I've been sort of forgetting to take my anti depressant, but I'm starting to think of sad things and feel weepy - my period is approaching in ten days or so. I thought I might just see how it was all going and also maybe stop putting on weight (one the Christmas Eating is over). But maybe I'm just being stupid. And now I'm crying about things that damaged my self esteem 30 years ago and feeling inferior to my handbag. Oh, the brain, it's a wonderful thing. 

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Ms. Moon said...

Sometimes I think our brains are aliens.