Monday, January 13, 2014

I missed a call on Friday telling me the marking scheme I slaved and stressed over before Christmas is incomplete - it seems I saved it wrong. Way wrong. Have to do a load AGAIN. Ugh. I got it in so late that they didn't have time to check it before Christmas, obviously, and then I didn't listen to my messages - could have been doing this on the weekend instead of now in a rush.

I also did a shitty interview today. After stupidly missing my turn and wasting loads of petrol wandering off into the countryside.

I don't even know I really want the job, I just hate the feeling of graaaaahhh, that's what I should have said there. 

I hate interviews. I hate re-doing work I hated doing in the first place because of my own incompetence. I hate feeling completely ill equipped for this life; parenting, teaching, work, creativity, any of it. I'm a total fraud.

Ugh. Back to Office Administration and Customer Caring marking scheme 2. 


Ms. Moon said...

Sometimes it's just like that, Jo. I'm so sorry.

catherine said...

Ah Jo, sounds like a day when you just needed someone to look after you and tell you it will be alright..and wrap you in a blanky..and feed you lots of wine and prob got lost cos you didnt really want the job anyway..the one you really want will come to you..hang in . hugs c

Jo said...

It's a long time coming Catherine, but yes, I didn't really want this one :) Well, maybe it's not quite as simple as that, but it might have been more trouble than it was worth.

I do need those other things, though. Thanks for the hugs :)