Sunday, April 13, 2014

I am having such boring dreams at the moment. Long, boring, stressful dreams about responsibilities... this morning it was about taking a classful of children to the woods and not getting them back on time, then not being able to find their parents, with everyone waiting, then getting cold, parents waiting or not being there and the whole time the crushing sense of getting it all wrong... my normal life is enough like this, I do not need to dream it too, thank you, subconscious. Please, would you just let me have sex dreams or weird, surreal, entertaining ones, and stop inputting my daily anxieties into these endless worry-fests I wake up exhausted from. What does it say about a person when they have boring dreams? I know I have a boring life, but I thought I had enough imagination to make up for that, in my dreams if nowhere else.

It seems not.

I wish the weekend days didn't go so fast. I had Friday off, but it doesn't feel like it. Monday looms again. At least we have two weeks of Easter Holiday so I don't have to worry quite as much about Cassia's refusal to get dressed/go anywhere. A reprieve.

I read something very interesting today about links between Vitamin D/Omega 3/Tryptophan deficiency and Autism. Also about Moega 3 and depression.. in fact, I should link to that TED talk on depression, it had good points, some we all know already. Not right now though. Maybe later.

Just a note to the universe - I am, at this moment, Very Open to a large amount of money landing in my lap. That or a job I can do that will make me real amounts of money instead of piddly ones that don't stretch from paycheque to paycheque. Funny, that word doesn't look right spelled in UK English. Paycheck. Better, no? 


Ms. Moon said...

To everything there is a season and at least boring dreams are not nightmares.
I would hope that the universe heeds your openness.
Be well, Jo. Be well.

Jo said...

I dunno, they're not *good* dreams either. I had to wake up and watch Hannibal this morning to get it out of my head :)

Mick said...

Last night I dreamt i was standing in a queue in the bank.

A. Queue. In. A. Bank.

I mean, what the fuck. My life is boring enough as it is!

Jo said...

Seriously, Mick, Down With This Sort of Thing.

Lovely to see you, by the way, hope all is well x