Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Wow. I just had a read back to around the time my son was very small, and man... I'm so glad this is over. Ok, so I'm still stuck at home, but not all the time, and things are so much  better now I don't have to feel the bitterness of a failing marriage any more - no more expectations, it just is how it is.



Sabine said...

You know, sometimes I wake up at night in a sweat of fury and panic because in my dream I was holding my baby who was either sick, sad, dead, or crying for no reason etc. - or we are standing in a storm, almost under water or facing a fire, car crash, tsunami, the works. It always takes a while for my heart to stop beating like mad and to remind myself that she is alive and well and grown up and all that shit is over and done. For now. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I have been reading/lurking for some time and you make an awful lot of sense to me. Thanks and cheers for the day!

Jo said...

I hate the baby responsibility dreams. Yech.

Thanks for you comment!