Friday, May 30, 2014

good news

Olivia is going out again, socialising again... it's a huge relief. She went out with her teacher today, who rang and asked her to come and consult on a toy shop present buying expedition and they went for an ice cream afterwards. Then this evening our little neighbour called over and she and the kids came with me to walk the dog in the evening sun.

Can you appreciate how good it feels to see your daughter, who's been stuck in the house for the last two months, running down the hill away from you in the sunshine, with her dog and her brother and her friend? It feels extremely good.

Tonight's challenge is going to be getting either of them to eat this lentil veggie dish I've made though. I suspect it ain't gonna happen. 


Ms. Moon said...

That is lovely! May the long siege of self-isolation be over for that daughter of yours. May she let the sun kiss her skin, may she laugh with others.

Jo said...