Saturday, August 9, 2014

Aldi men

Sadly, Aldi is not yet selling cut-price men, but I was there a while ago and there was this guy checking out the work stuff - he was wearing combats and a tight black t shirt, he had a shaved head and tattoos, red hair, freckles, serious, craggy face. Serious muscles, broad chest and shoulderzzzz... I may or may not have stalked him round the shop a little.

Today at the check out an adorable dad and his adorable toddler. The teeny toddler was blond and crying and squirming round as the dad was loading the conveyer belt. The little guy was very blond and sweet-cheeked and not happy to be there . The dad had thick blond hair in one of those little top-knot ponytails, and a giant bushy red beard, and such a nice face. He didn't look too delighted to be there either - I imagine the cute blond mum was at home getting a lie-in, possibly after a bad night.

I debated standing behind them in line, but erred on the side of efficiency and queued behind the shorter line at the other til. I got out of the shop before he got to the cahs register, so that was the right decision, but I would really have liked to say to the baby, 'Oh, you are sooo cute and sooo grumpy,' and to say to that dad, 'and you're cute and tired'. But that would sound like flirting. I'm neither old enough or attractive enough to really make anyone's day with that sort of thing, I fear.

Lookin' forward to my fifties, though. 


Ms. Moon said...

And sixties where you can say damn anything.

Jo said...

Heh, absolutely. Bring on the purple :)

Anonymous said...

This is beautifully painted.
Charlie x