Monday, August 4, 2014


The fireworks in Bray tonight were beautiful. Really great, towards the end. I sat and watched, they're one of my favourite things, and the mini-extravaganza towards the end made me smile with delight and good feeling.

ButI also thought about people in Gaza and the bombs whistling and falling and exploding, all the time. I thought about those children's loss and terror and trauma and how they will never enjoy fireworks again and I felt so grateful that I was born where and when I was, and that I live in a quiet seaside town where war does not threaten and where lights and noises in the sky are just for entertainment, oo and aah and flowery crackling stars and golden rain.

It's really just not fair


catherine said...

hey Jo, sorry I have been a bad blog reader of late..summer, it makes me turn into a kid and skip all routine..your post is bitter sweet and i just cant get my head around what is happeneing in Gaza..apart from checking labels to boycott goods from Israel, I feel desperately useless to those poor are isnt fair ..

Jo said...

Hey Catherine! Lovely way for summer to make you feel, long may it last x