Wednesday, September 10, 2014

la de da de dum

Last night I walked the dog on the beach as I'd left it til just-about-dark, and I walked north, taking surreptitious glances back to see if the moon that was about to rise would be super.

First there was a glimmer in the scarf of cloud, that shone palely onto the darkening sea, and then it grew brighter and stronger til the round, shining moon rose out of its shawl and shone nakedly on the water, and on me and the dog. He ignored its presence but I smiled in its golden light and did as my friend suggested, and told it things I wanted to let go. Apparently if you've been feeling weepy recently, it's the pull of this supermoon drawing the grief out of you, taking it away with it, letting you let go. What a nice idea. I certainly felt a kind of giggly joy last night.

And today - today, I have a Free Afternoon. Axl has just left to take the kids to the cinema, where they will see Guardians of the Galaxy for a second time. I think I don't need to, and all that mother-dying-of-cancer stuff at the start is too traumatic to sit through (oops, I wrote live through) again, so I will stay home. I will drink this coffee. I will sit in my own sitting room and watch some adult tv! I will peacefully do some work. Then I might lie down. We'll see, we'll see, the next couple hours are my oyster. Mmhm.


Ms. Moon said...

How lovely, Jo!

Jo said...

Fecking stray apostrophes!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog today, Jo! And I wanted to tell you that we have used homeopathy for all three children for many, many years. The combination of osteopathic treatments and homeopathy for both my sons, in particular, since birth has kept them from the "regular" doctor. We've even avoided antibiotics -- neither son has been on one, yet!