Sunday, September 28, 2014


It's a better goddess to pray to. Than, em, less reliable and fun deities.

I bought a paper in the airport, but I just wanted a simple biro to do the crossword on the plane. The shop only seemed to have the 4 colour ones, or a posh retractable pencil. I decided to invoke some serendipity and trust I'd find a mislaid pen, or manage to borrow one. Nothing on the way to or at the boarding gate. The stewaress didn't have one. I sat down. The people beside me got moved to beside their friend after all. I looked down, and there at the corner of the chair in front was a wee Ikea pencil. Just sitting, waiting for me, by my seat. Sweet.

Not everything went that easily, but I survived, got the plane home despite missing my bus stop by about 7 stops and having to retrace my steps and get there late and my boarding pass on my phone was in HTML but they printed me one and didn't charge me (nice Ryanair customer service staff shock!).

I hate travelling though. Blech. And public transport navigation in strange places fills me with anxiety also. It's just not for me. I like knowing where I am. When I go away, I have no idea where I am. I don't even really know where Brighton is, to be completely honest.

I went to Brighton to see a gig with a friend and I met her delightful boyfriend. He was handsome and sweet. She's funny and darling. I saw the town and the sea and lots of shops. We gossiped a little, we ate kimchee (she put the discovery of it on twitter with a wikipedia link, for other kimchee virgins, bless her :). We walked a lot and talked a lot. The gig was fucking mighty. Lost in rock dancey moments. Beautiful, beautiful women singing and making such meaningful, perfect noise. Bless them all.

I also got to spend time with an old friend and her numerous tiny sweet blond offspring. I had a love sandwich with li'l cuddly twin beauties, I am twice blessed. And her ever so clever nudiesaurus three year old deigns to laugh at my jokes, which is very gratifying. 


Ms. Moon said...

What lovely news! What beautiful images! Yay for you, Jo!

catherine said...

aw that sounds like such fun Jo..
yay..would love a few days away..have a local wedding this weekend but it depleted the funds none the less..