Monday, November 3, 2014

it doesn't matter

I have been feeling so sickened by people's behaviours and attitudes this last while. Acid thrown to melt women's faces into their necks. People denied the right to relationships, to marriage. The horrors of war, of abuse of rights. Outraged disgust because some slightly plump girl on the internet dared to try and look sexy in a Wonder Woman leotard. The hatred.

I want to tell my homophobic Russian student who is worried about the effect gay people celebrating their sexuality in public would have on his hypothetical children: it doesn't matter - what matters is people, is love. It doesn't matter; bodies, what's under someone's clothes, whether they're 'attractive' or not, who they love. It matters that we do love, and love well. And that we're allowed to. This is what's important.

Save your disgust for war and bigotry, for cruelty and hatred. Don't fill up the space around you with meanness and judgement. Don't pretend that people aren't all people. You don't give up your rights to good treatment just because you love someone, or you love  yourself.

Ugh, I'm so tired of it all. 


Ms. Moon said...

As I said the other day- love comes from many fountains but is always the same thing.
I don't know why people are so afraid of it.

Jo said...

It was your beautiful post that made me write this down, Mary. It amazes me, yes, that people are afraid of the love but so quick to embrace the hatred.