Monday, February 23, 2015

little blessings

Finding a forgotten fiver tucked in your wallet. A little leap of relief and gratitude.

I sat there this morning, finally bleeding heavily (my periods have been reticent recently), wondering how exactly to have a shower because I burnt my mooncup to death last month while trying to sterilise it. Trustingly, I opened the period paraphernalia drawer one more time, and there at the back was a single, demure little bleach-free tampon. I have another box somewhere, but I don't know where, I've lost them.

So here I am, clean and dry and now I need to dress and dry my hair and  go to work.

It's been an odd weekend. I didn't sleep in like I expected to, I ate all the junk food in a hormonal frenzy, and now I am not quite ready for another week of grind. The sun is shining now, though. I spent yesterday mostly under a duvet because it was freezing cold and grey and wet and dismal and oh, for a fireplace. 


Ms. Moon said...

Some weekends are like that.
May this week bring more cheer. And some rest.

Jo said...

Mmm. Feeling snoozy right now. And left my coffee in work AGAIN.