Saturday, March 21, 2015

I bought a camelia plant

I bought  a red one, then saw white buds and thought it was white, but this morning, on peering at the biggest bud, I see read showing through. Sooon! I'm excited. The last one I bought died quite fast; cold or slugs or my tender ministrations, who knows? But I hope to have garden magic of my own soon.

Christ, I marvel at all the people who lovingly record all their Moments of Joy and Beauty. I'd like to share a pic of my plant, but I don't know where the charger for my extremly crappy camera is. Defeated before I start. I was going to wait til I found it, but that may not happen for some time, til I'm looking for something else.


Ms. Moon said...

Do you know what variety it is? If you do, you could google-image that and show us what its bloom is like. I would love to see it.

Jo said...

I'll get a pic of mine, don't worry!

Mwa said...

When I record "moments of joy and beauty," it is often more of a strenuous attempt at willing more joy and beauty into my life. Sometimes the photos come first, and the joy follows.

I love your typo: the "read" showing through. I find it very philosophical and charming. I hope you don't change it.

Jo said...

Hah, ok :) I'm so terrible at proofing blog posts.