Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello, innumerous readers.

(That means a small number, right, rather than uncountable masses? That would be innumerable. Right?)

I just read a story of homeopathy curing chronic depression and anxiety and chronic fatigue type suffering. I wish I could find the thing that would work like that for me. Maybe I should go to a new homoepath and and try again. A proper full on thing, instead of dribs and drabs and here and there stuff. I would so love to get up and have energy and dynamically achieve many tasks without noticing the effort. Wouldn't that be incredible? Instead of being afraid of every tiny thing. Just the thought of having to do something, anything really, fills me with lassitude. I've been guilting myself into doing things the last few days, but not enough. Axl has been doing household Spring type chores like a normal adult person, bless him.

I did plant flowers and make a spaghetti sauce from scratch yesterday, those were good things. Note to self: water flowers.

I'm going to bake a cake. Maybe even this evening. I have icing in the freezer. I'm going to make a moist, soft, delightful chocolate cake and fill it with rose swirls of white chocolate vanilla frosting for my friend who's just had her hip replaced. It's been a problem since childhood, she had hip dysplacia, spent a year in hospital as a child, maybe years, actually. She finally said fuck it, I may as well be able to walk without pain in my fifties, why wait til I'm old and I can't recover. Still, she shouldn't have sugar as it will make the inflammation worse, but she says she refuses to believe that and is munching it anyway. So... I'm glad, even though it's Wrong, as I get to make her a nice cake.

I just wish my oven weren't on a slant. Stupid floor, stupid cowboy built house muttermutter.

Anyway. I'm trying to decide how to decorate it. I had a vision of sticking a Barbie leg out of it, but that wouldn't really be so pretty. I think we'll just make do with rose swirls :)

Now that I see this, I'm tempted to print it out and put it on it. I'll try and resist. 


Mwa said...

Definitely a leg sticking out!!!

Oh - and surely you've had your thyroid checked? :-)

Jo said...

Test came back negative, dr was smug - she told me 'everybody' thinks they have thyroid problems but they never do - however, test they do only tests one hormone, and doesn't pick up thyroid issues unless it's really bad. I have to go to someone more thorough who tests all the different aspects.

I know in the meantime I should just be doing the thyroid diet, and instead I do the opposite. Stupidness.

Jo said...

Oh, I'm going to go with Can Can dancers instead, if I can get round to making the thing.